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November 08, 2018
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Location: Mell 3550

Faculty who have participated in Auburn’s Course (Re)Design program have experienced transformative results related to their teaching. One participant shared that as a result of an assignment developed in Course (Re)design: “Most (more than 80% of the 100+ students) made connections across material from the whole course, used the metaphor to better organize their thoughts on the topic, and left with a really deep appreciation for some of the major parts and problems of the subject… Thank you so much for helping me reach my students on a deeper level.” However, not everyone has significant time to devote to course design in the summer. This workshop series will help faculty and GTAs get started on the process, experiencing the Mell Classroom Building @ RBD Library.

During this workshop series, we’ve delved into pedagogy, technology, and learning spaces by considering the situational factors of our courses. In this session, we will focus on integration: integrating these situational factors into a cohesive plan for a more detailed, self-guided course redesign.

In this workshop you will:

  • Develop an action plan for redesigning a course by reflecting on the “What, Why and How” of previous workshops
  • Use a tool to help align all 3 aspects of active learning with your specific course needs and goals
  • Collaborate in small teams to analyze and evaluate case study examples of active learning gone awry and develop solutions using knowledge and skills gained over the course of the workshop series

Please note, this is part four of a 4-part workshop series. Participants are encouraged to register for all four parts.

To help us plan for this workshop, please register on the Biggio Center website.