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October 18, 2018
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Location: Mell 3550

Faculty who have participated in Auburn’s Course (Re)Design program have experienced transformative results related to their teaching. One participant shared: “Thank you! After years of teaching I finally have an idea where to start in terms of planning.” However, not everyone has significant time to devote to course design in the summer. This workshop series will help faculty and GTAs get started on the process, experiencing the Mell Classroom Building @ RBD Library.

Research conducted in 2007 at the University of Minnesota revealed that aligning course delivery with room configuration yields positive learning results. For instance, if your class plan calls for lecture, allowing students to quickly move the furniture into rows will be more beneficial for students than leaving desks in “pods.” In this workshop, we will explore ways to incorporate the classroom space and layout into the class goals, assessments and activities you identified in the first workshop of the series.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to use active learning furniture strategically to achieve student learning outcomes that include and go beyond content.
  • Use a “Collaborative Learning Toolbox” to identify an appropriate collaborative learning approach for their course.
  • Solve a team-based learning challenge involving real world scenarios using skills and knowledge gained in the workshop.
  • The workshop will conclude with an opportunity to apply new tools to participants’ own courses.

Please note, this is part three of a 4-part workshop series. Participants are encouraged to register for all four parts.

To help us plan for this workshop, please register on the Biggio Center website.